‘Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters’ — A Movie Worth HUNTING!

I’m not good at reviewing movies and I don’t even have plans to review one. Smiley I just want to share how I felt when I got to watch the movie, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.

As usual, all plans were made random. Approximately 10 hours before the movie started I and my movie buddies were still discussing whether or not to push through with the unexpected movie date with Hansel and Gretel. Five hours later, after finally decided to watch, we’re still conversing about the screening time to catch. I just can’t imagine how Hansel and Gretel made us crazy in just one day. Oopps! I’ve been blabbing for how many words already but forgot to mention when we watched the film. It was just on Saturday, February 09, 2013.

I never expected how the production crew came up with this far more interesting film than the usual, and what I’d been used to from fairy tale story books when I was a kid. Yes! Absolutely this one is for adults, grown ups and a no to kid [just for me] because of vulgar bloody encounter of Gretel [played by Gemma Artenton] and Hansel [played by Jeremy Renner] with the witches. And even on their posters, there it was showed the metal guns fully packed with swing bolts they used in putting away into pieces those witches which they believed responsible in killing their parents.

I don’t want to spill more about the movie, if you haven’t watched it. I want you to experienced how the 3D images caused you to gulp splattered blood and scream you to death unexpectedly. Smiley

Anyway, pardon me with the image I use here, that’s owned by Alex, and I just grabbed that as he tagged me in Facebook. The image was taken after we watched the film using his mobile phone.

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