Google+ Profile Suspended

A week ago, I forgot when specifically was that, I noticed every time I tried ticking the G+ buttons in my blog posts it always shows error icon. What I always thought when it appears is the slow internet connection I have which probably interrupts the G+ processes. So I opted to manually publish each blog posts to my G+ profile instead.

However, what made me a headache was this image below which surprised me much.

Google+ Profile Suspended

Ahuh! Nothing did I utter the moment I saw it but “how come?“. Yes, how come my Google+ Profile being suspended. As what it said, I reviewed the Google+ Terms and Conditions again and tried to remember what from each of the terms mentioned I had violated. After minutes of trying to squeeze my memory and my doings online, I really couldn’t find any stuff which I did the Google+ team thought a reason to suspend my account.

Google+ Profile Suspended

Since it was advised to submit for reconsideration my profile account, so I did it. They advised me to wait for two (2) weeks after submission of my profile reconsideration application. And hopefully, I can recover my Google+ account so soon because I am very sure I haven’t violated any rules and policies of the Google+ team.

Guys, if you noticed that I haven’t been posting regularly my blog posts updates in my Google+ profile, please bear with me this time. I promise to catch up with these as soon as my account has been restored.

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