My Panda Collections from Panda Jam

I am very proud to share to you some of my panda collections from Panda Jam.

Pirate Panda SafetyPanda
Showgirl Panda JapanesePanda

Are they looking familiar to you? If yes, then good for you! But if not, you probably are not playing one of the coolest Facebook game apps today, the Panda Jam. Playing with it is just too easy which probably the reason why I love it; seemed like, NO SWEAT, NO PRESSURE and all it gives is just relaxation, I presume. All you need to achieve is to free all Pandas from the colored blocks provided by the Ugly Monkey. Easy, isn’t it? But of course, to make the game a bit challenging and strategically played, a player should achieve at least one star before all available number of moves is made.

It’s just that simple. Would you like to try playing and collecting Pandas? Just head on to your Facebook account and search for Panda Jam from the list of game apps. Enjoy, and hope you can show your Panda collections like me.

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