Revolutionizing Desk Lights

The name Dyson comes with high expectations. James Dyson revolutionized the vacuum cleaner with his new and efficient ideas. When you hear that his son Jake Dyson is a light designer you have high expectations for a high quality, innovative product and he does not disappoint.

Jake Dyson’s CSYS task light not only looks sleek, elegant and modern but it also uses innovative technology. To quote from his personal website “It is designed with innovative positioning, refined thermal management and electronics systems producing a bright warm white color with astonishing efficiency. The thermal management heat pipe technology cools the LED to ensure peak performance from the LED for 37+ years.” This task light looks great whilst being long lasting and great value for money.

The CSYS task light is available in black/silver, putty grey/silver and white/silver. The range of colors allows you to choose the one that will fit best in your house or office. The bright warm color and adjustable positions means that this light is perfect to use in a number of places including in an office or workshop; in the house as additional lighting or on your bedside table or in your study. The adjustable arm means that the light is flexible and can be moved to create the best lighting available.

If you love the look of this light but want a taller version then look no further than the CSYS Tall. It stands at 141cm tall with an arm width of 73cm. This means that at full height and full beam the light produces an impressive 2.5m diameter of warm white light. This light is modern and stylish and would work well throughout the house. The sleek arms make it unimposing despite its height. It can be used to light a study, light a reading chair or in a sitting room to illuminate the room without using the main lights. This light is available to buy online or in store at Geoffrey Harris. You can visit their store in Battersea to see the lights in action.

As expected the Dyson lights are innovative, efficient and look great in the home.

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