Spenco Insoles

I am somehow thankful for the Holy Week that it’ll be a holiday, a break from seeing the school and the hospital for us. It is because, for the most reason, I will give some rest to my feet as I am not anymore comfortable with my two pairs of shoes. My friends always give me pieces of advice like I need to buy new pairs, but I don’t think that would be the best solution for now. The shoes are still of working conditions and are really looking good. It’s just that my feet hurts when I walk or stand longer than an hour.

With my eagerness not to buy new pairs yet, I fetched more brilliant ideas from my family and my sister told me that I just try out  Spenco insoles in my shoes since it cushions my soles from direct friction and other pains from the shoes. Though I haven’t found one yet at the mall, I will try my best to look for it before the classes resumes.

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