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I love some sports! But do not ask me to play them. Actually, I love them because I do watch sports TV some time during my off hours. An example of that is Basketball. When I was still in the Philippines, me and my friends would even watch live basketball games just to quench our love for basketball! We cheer for our favorite team and much more when our crushes will give that shot that will earn them a score! Oh how my heart flies to my mouth at times. With that, with a coaching from some friends, I started to do sports betting – just for fun okey. We don’t bet big time because we were still students. To make the money feel like it is a real winning, we do it in groups. My friends and I will divide ourselves into groups and do the group betting. The group that wins will be the one to pay food for our snacks after the game.

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That is just a part of how we enjoyed sports during my very younger days. Whenever I think of high school life and even college life, I then connect it to home. I do miss home. I miss my family and friends. I miss hanging out with friends and talk about just anything under the sun. Life was so carefree then. I only look up to my parents to help me live. Life now is different. I have to do things on my own to make a living. Life is fun though but time is not like when I was younger anymore.

All I do now is work and work. I do have fun at times but it’s not as much as it was before. I still love sports and I do watch basketball when I don’t need to out to do some errands. I promise myself that when I go home to my country, I will watch one of the basketball games live! Maybe me and some friends can still do fun betting.

About the Author: This post is written by Ane, a sporty lady.

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