Sunday with a Fairy — the Fairy Hobmother!

As I always believe that things happen at the right time and right place, this must be the most perfect timing after a very long wait to meet the Fairy Hobmother. Yes, the Fairy Hobmother, it is! I finally met him and as what fairies do, he granted what I wished for. Smiley

Fairy Hobmother

I don’t care if I am the last blogger over the blogosphere to meet the fairy hobmother coz I am pretty sure most, if not all, bloggers’ wishes have been sweetly granted already. In fact, I have read many bloggers’ stories and experiences how the fairy hobmother overloaded their kitchens from new dishwashers, different cookers, ovens, freezers and washing machines which are all from the hobmother’s appliances online hob which you can visit at I found washing machine the most perfect appliance I could receive from the fairy hobmother. As mentioned in my posts before, I want, as possibly as I could, to wash my own basket of laundry than sending them over to a laundry shop because I can assure the cleanliness and neatness of my stuff if I do them myself. Or if not, at least, a private launder can do it for me.

By the way, if you’d be curious enough and would like to ask how I got to meet the fairy hobmother, I just simply left a comment in one of the bloggers’ posts about her story with the fairy hobmother. I could say I was lucky then that the fairy really put an eye on my comment and went thru to my blog and personally contacted me. So for now, I guess I also have to share these blessings that the Lord through the fairy hobmother’s goodness has showered me by letting you all guys leave a comment here. Who knows, a day or two from now, you’ll be the next lucky blogger to meet the fairy hobmother and make your wishes come true.

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