Cheap Cigars

It was a fine afternoon, during a class discussion break, when I and some friends were talking about hobbies to continue and to break before the year ends. Most of the things we tackled were school related but there was only one who mentioned personal hobby which he wanted to break, cigarette smoking.

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Just for the information of everybody, cigars and other alcoholic beverages in the country have higher taxes compared to non-alcoholic beverages since the tax bill for these stuff were approved just very recently. So basically, it is difficult to find cheap cigars in the country nowadays. But what was so funny during our conversation was the reason why he wanted to stop smoking. He said as a student still, he cannot afford now to buy as many cigars as he wanted to smoke.

Well, he has his point. But at first, we were thinking that he was getting concern of his health but rather on his pocket. Smiley

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