How Does the Fall Line Up on Cable Compare to the Networks

It’s evening and your looking to watch something on television. If you’re lucky, there are no political or sports program pre-empting your planned shows. Even if this is not the case, network television offers a very limited amount of programming. Sadly, network programming has become predictable, boring, and often feels unoriginal. Often shows closely mimic successful shows from other networks. How many Law and Orders, cop shows, and hospital-based programs are on the air today? How many of those are really new and original in content.

With cable television, you have many more options providing content from cooking shows to reality TV to more age-appropriate dramas and many others. The wealth of programming provides something for everyone whether you are looking for craft shows, do it yourself home improvements, or wish to watch sports all day. It is hard not to find something on cable television that pique your interest no matter what time of the day you turn on the television.

With cable television channels running into the hundreds, you can find cable TV deals from Comcast who offer viewers that are bored with the redundant network television programming, an opportunity to choose their entertainment. Cable television has transitioned into a series powerhouses that are being heralded for new, edgy programming with writing that goes beyond what is possible on network television.

The fall lineup on network television offered several new shows, many of which have already been slated for cancellation. Cable television offers the same shows as well as rave hits such as Duck Dynasty, Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Flipping Out, and other shows that have been receiving rave reviews. It is hard to avoid mentioning the dedicated sports channels that offer you everything from football to baseball and golf any time. For the sports fanatic, cable television is a must.

Premium channels, such as Showtime and HBO offer hit series this fall such as True Blood, Dexter, and others that have influenced network programming although to a much lighter depth of programming. With the premium cable series programming, writers are able to explore programming not allowable on the networks and take the story to a deeper and more complex level. This more complex and sometimes darker nature allows for a richer plot that is responsible for the great success of many cable series.

Many cable television providers, such as Comcast, offer specialty digital video recorders that will allow you to record a large number of programs. The newer digital video recorders can hold many hours of high-definition programming. You can record multiple shows at once and even watch one channel as another is being recorded. You can set a season pass that will record all new airings of a series you are interested in. The built in television guide makes programming recordings and choosing what to watch relatively easy with only a small learning curve.

On Demand is a newer feature for cable television and offers many series whenever you are interested in watching them. Free movies are also often available covering many genres. New release movies are also available for purchase at a cost comparable to what it would cost to rent from your local video store. On Demand can be an excellent tool to find new series of interest or to catch up on missed televisions shows whenever you want to watch.

With many packages to choose from, cable television offers you a greater viewing pleasure than can be had with the limited traditional programming available on the networks. No matter your watching habits, cable television has programming that will keep you entertained and eager for the next airing.

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