What Is Spyware And What Does Norton 360 Do About It?

Of all the threats on the internet today, spyware is one of the scariest. It ties in with identity theft as well as a whole host of other problems, and basic antivirus software may not protect against it. By understanding what spyware is and what Norton 360 antivirus software does about it, you will be able to understand what you’re up against and how to keep yourself safe.

What Is Spyware?

Spyware is software that spies on what a person does on their computer and secretly sends that information to someone who shouldn’t be seeing it. With this information, this unscrupulous individual can get email addresses to use for spamming or it can take control of your computer to the extent that it steers you toward websites that have been pre-programmed. It is a big cause of identity theft, and you need an effective solution if you don’t want to fall victim to this type of malware.

What Can Norton 360 Do?

Norton 360 can detect these threats when they are present. This may seem like a basic first step, but it is a vital one. It has to be able to identify threats if it is going to do anything about them. Then, it destroys and removes those threats with the same ruthless efficiency that users of Norton products have come to expect. That is what Norton 360 can do to the spyware that you now understand and probably fear. It can destroy it and keep your personal information protected.

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