Decorative Dorm Furniture & Pillows

Decorating a dorm room can be a challenge or a delight for both parent and teenager – after all, it’s a time when a young adult can truly feel like they are leaving the nest, which often means they can’t wait to feather their own nest with great dorm décor and furniture. Of course Mom and Dad are usually footing the bill, so this can lead to lots of conversation and potential conflicts. One great way to manage the process is to begin with a plan – most plans involve lists and a college checklist is a good place to start.

Dorm FurnitureDorm Furniture

Typically the school or university will provide a list of what is included in a dorm room (things like beds, dressers and desks), what is prohibited (things like portable electric cook tops space heaters and so on) and what is recommended (twin XL sheets, a sturdy comforter, etc.) Since the list of recommended items may leave something to be desired it’s also a good idea to look online at the websites of the major bath and bedding stores. Most offer digital college checklists which are handy because they make it easy to communicate by email or via social media with both parents and kids along with future roommates. Communication can eliminate many of the conflicts and promote a more consultative approach to the situation.

There are some easy décor decisions where parents don’t really need to weigh in – things like decorative throws and pillows or what kind of bedding is best are the sorts of choices best left to the young adult; by setting a budget for specific categories such as bedding, bath, cooking and so on you can manage the process while still allowing plenty of freedom.

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