Employee Time Clock Software

Have you noticed that employees have difficulty checking in with the average time card and time clock?

Sample Employee Time CardsSample Employee Time Cards (image from buffalotime.com)

Time cards are hard to read because individuals check in on the wrong line or mangle the time card. For a solution to all this, go to http://timeclockeshop.com.

Timeclockeshop.com sells employee time clock software to make tracking employees and payroll simpler. Try using a designated PC as an automated employee time clock. You will not need badges, special terminals, or time cards. Employees clock in and out at a designated personal computer. Each employee has his or her own password, and the administrator has a password that isolates functions such as setting up the system, editing employee punches, setting times off, monitoring overtime, and using interfaces. Imagine being able to print supervisor’s reports that do the following: Print time cards Automatically total employee hours – including regular, overtime, vacation days, personal days, and holidays. You can print separate reports by name, identification number, or shift.

The program then totals the amounts earned, and then will export the amounts into payroll programs such as QuickBooks Pro 2000, Prime Pay, and a generic ASCII output file. For ease of management of employee hours and payroll, consider purchasing employee time clock software to be installed and used. Consult Timeclockeshop.com about a quote for this software and instruction on its use. You will be pleased with the software’s ease of use and results.

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