Food Processing Software

Customers expect that their food will be fresh and that their beverages will be cold and bubbly. However, this is impossible if you let your products sit on the shelves beyond their expiration date. The use of Food processing software from will enable your store, restaurant or cafeteria to ensure the highest quality for your customers. Whether you are running a small diner or feeding college students, it is important that your company is known for providing the freshest food and the best drinks in town.

TGI will provide your company with a variety of tracking software that will allow you to track where orders are heading as well as when products will expire. This means that your company has a better control on its inventory levels as opposed to a company that is not using this software. When inventory levels are properly managed, it reduces the amount of spoiled or unused product that cannot be sold. In turn, that reduces shrink costs and increases profits. Additionally, health and food safety codes are easier to meet when product is stored at proper levels because there is less of a chance that your kitchen is using moldy tomatoes or serving moldy bread to customers.

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