Restaurant Hopping

I am not really choosy in food preferences nor in restaurants for as long as it serves clean and well-prepared foods and the place is obviously hygienic. So when my friends invited me to go on restaurant hopping, I didn’t hesitate to immediately say yes. However, I wasn’t able to make it on our scheduled date because I was busy again.

Restaurant HoppingRestaurant Hopping (image from

The night after the said restaurant hopping which I missed out, my friends shared their photos in Facebook and I was really envious to them — to their exciting experience and of course, the laughs and chats I could ever imagine when we can get together. They even threw me a joke that they’d been to restaurants lehigh valley like that in Philadelphia because they were able to hop a very classy restaurant which they said was looking somehow the same as Leaf Restaurant Cigar Bar and Lounge.

How I wish I could join the group on the next restaurant hopping date.

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