Single Element Dragons in the Dragon City

I had been glued in playing Dragon City, a game application in Facebook which I found really entertaining. And with not more than a year of playing, I have already collected 40 dragons and still enjoying the islands of dragons now.

Dragon City

What I wanted to share to you today are the single element dragons in the Dragon City.

  • Earth Dragon: (100 gold) (Selling Price: 50 gold) [Hatching Time: 5 secs]
  • Fire Dragon: (100 gold / gift) (Selling Price: 50 gold) [Hatching Time: 30 secs]
  • Water Dragon: (500 gold) (Selling Price: 250 gold) [Hatching Time: 5 mins]
  • Plant Dragon: (15,000 gold / gift) (Selling Price: 100 gold) [Hatching Time: 2 hrs]
  • Electric Dragon: (30,000 gold / gift) (Selling Price: 150 gold) [Hatching Time: 4 hrs]
  • Ice Dragon: (75,000 gold / gift) (Selling Price: 375 gold) [Hatching Time: 1 hr]
  • Metal Dragon: (250,000 gold) (Selling Price: 125,000 gold) [Hatching Time: 2 hrs]
  • Dark Dragon: (500,000 gold) (Selling Price: 250,000 gold) [Hatching Time: 4 hrs]

I still am trying to collect all these single element dragons. But so far, what I don’t have yet is the dark dragon.

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