Horseback Riding Plans

I already mentioned it in my other blog that I missed horseback riding activity during our visit in Tagaytay. And every time I see people enjoying the horseback riding experience, I always envy them for not letting that moment pass by.

So now that some of my immediate friends are planning to visit Tagaytay, and of course, to try also horseback riding activity, I am thinking of joining with them. I don’t want to miss this horseback riding plans again like before. But just so funny to think about, though the date to save for the said event is still this coming October, in as early as now, I am already fetching ideas on what to wear on horseback riding activity.

I’d been checking sports shops and found some there. However, they are not the ones I first imagined of. Maybe I just want a more fashionable and in-style that also fits my personality as well. And of course, I don’t want to wear just any color, I want green colored horseback riding outfit.

As soon as I can find one, I will sure to share it to you.

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