No Wolverine Date for Me!

When M was here last week, he invited me to watch the movie, Wolverine. But since I have some academic compliance, I refused and so, he cancelled the said date.

WolverineWolverine (image from

But when my pals shared to me how worth to really watch the movie in the big screen, somehow I blamed myself for not grabbing the invite of M. So now, I am just thinking of downloading a copy of the movie from a reliable torrent source. Though I can’t assure the quality of the said copy of the movie, I will just settle for that then. It is because, I have no one to accompany me in watching the film since M flew back already in his workplace. And since my sound system here is not as good as the excellent ev zlx at musicians friend, I really need to pay for not accepting M’s invite. So sad for me!

Well, this must be a good lesson for me to learn. So for next time, in every thing what M offers, I shouldn’t dump them off!

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