For how many years of blogging and earning from blogs, the number of times I thought of giving up my blogs are twice to four times the total number of all my blogs. Yes! You heard it right. I often thought of this especially when I’d been very busy with my personal, academic and professional lives and that, my online obligations are put behind what supposed to be done.

However, with the goodness my blogs brought to me and the memories these all are keeping, I still can’t gave them up.

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One of the things why I can’t give up blogging is the fact that somehow and sometime, my blogs help me a lot financially. Though my earnings are not that high as those early years of blogging, I still thanking my blogs for bringing foods, personal stuff, laughs and cry in my house.

Another thing is the fact that I have no other gateway to pour out my personal grudges but only here in my blogs. If you happen to read my blogs from the very first post, that was around 2007, you surely can dig up my past emotionally.

My blogs, especially this personal blog, Gagay MD, is like a personal diary to me. I even thought this is my public yet personal diary where I can share all my thoughts and personal reactions, be it positive or negative, to everybody.

So now, though I am really busy and I can’t almost pay a visit every single day in my blogs, I still won’t gave them up because they became part of my life.