Designing your business to Boost Employee Motivation and Workflow

Making Small Changes to Boost Employee Morale

Keeping your employees motivation is key to running a successful organization. Your staff is the lifeblood of your company, and their well-being is essential for maximum profits. Designing your business to boost employee motivation and workflow is a multi-faceted effort that requires planning and foresight. By making a few organizational changes, you can enjoy a highly charged and productive workforce. Professional shopfitters can help you design, or redesign your business around the following ideas

Think Outside the Box

Many employers are opting for open offices over cubicles and individual desks. These plans include replacing drab cubes with acrylic tables, workstations and lounge spaces. Contemporary companies have replaced the corner office with sofas, lounge chairs and coffee tables. Instead of a desk and a chair, many employees perform their work while sitting in beanbag chairs, while perched on window sills and at standing work stations. While these radical ideas won’t work for every company, the relaxed and open office format is gaining in popularity with companies around the world.

Help them Release Stress

An international big box retailer had a novel idea that instantly boosted employee morale while increasing its company’s profits. The company built a room in the employee lounge called a “quiet room.” This room was an area where staff could go to take a short nap or simply recharge. The quiet room contained only a comfortable chair, lamp and rug. After including this room in their plan, employee productivity increased noticeably.

Provide your staff a place that they can de-stress and take a break from work during the day. While this may seem counterproductive, studies have shown that quiet rooms have been effective in increasing workflow.

Meet their Basic Needs

Designing your office so that your staff can meet their basic needs is key to boosting morale and increasing productivity. Provide them with a cafeteria or break room where they can easily get snacks, coffee and water during the day. Plan your office near rest facilities so that employees don’t have to travel long distances to relieve themselves. Many employees will linger, stopping to talk to other workers if the restrooms are far away. Not only does this decrease productivity, it is distracting to other workers who are trying to complete their daily tasks.

Arrange for food vendors to set up shop in or around your office. Employees that want to grab a quick bite while they work will find this convenient. Surprise your staff by bringing in breakfast or lunch several times a month to further boost morale.

Create a Fresh Atmosphere

Harsh, bright lighting, drab colors and lack of fresh air has been shown to decrease employee morale. Decorate your office in bright, energetic colors and include fresh elements like plants. Open windows for natural light and air circulation. Arrange desks so that they are close to windows and avoid windowless offices and spaces. A bright, airy office has been known to increase employee morale and improve workflow.

Increasing your staff’s morale and productivity doesn’t have to be costly. By making a few changes, you will see increased profits for your organization.