Las Vegas Vacation

It’s exactly 04:00 o’clock in the morning when M woke me up as the plane was about to safely land in the McCarran International Airport. Finally, after how many hours of waiting causing our butts totally warmed from just merely seating inside the plane, now we can say, Las Vegas, here we come!

As soon as we landed, M has had nothing to utter but to stay and relax first at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas where we’re booked for our week-long vacation. But since I found him really tired from the more or less 18-hour travel we had, I just nod and followed then what he wanted.

After almost 4 hours of a very relaxing Bellagio Hotel stay, we’ve decided to start making the most of our stay in Las Vegas. I suggested M that we should first do shopping and mall hopping. M is just too giving that he allowed me to make the itinerary of our first day in Vegas. Then and then, we immediately looked for great shopping deals of our favorite scents and shoes. We also shopped for swimwear because we have decided that the second and third days of our vacation will be spent in some beaches or resorts that is just very accessible for us. However, while fitting those stuff at the fitting area, I didn’t noticed a pair of swimwear fell and I slip over it. Just then, I woke up from my very deep sleep and a very inviting vacation in Las Vegas and realized that everything were just a dream and hoping that sooner or later, all of those exciting events will come true.

Moreover, Las Vegas, is one of my dreamt vacation stops not to mention because of its highly sophisticated and very welcoming place. There are a lot of things to do in Vegas like shopping, trying out gambling, the nightlife is a great experience to try and of course, the foods it offered. Hotels and accommodations are not a problem in Las Vegas because, more often than not, they offer discounted deals but not compromising the quality of services they offer.