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Many said, thesis writing, or any writing-related requirements in school and in the hospital, and if it’s assigned to me, it would just be like chewing a bubble gum then to me. Smiley

Thesis Writing

But yes, honestly and humbly sharing, one of the best and favorite part in schooling for me is thesis writing and all of the stuff related to it — experiments and the like. I don’t know but I just really like it. Many people, in fact, are asking me why I love performing both in vivo and field researches and do all the paper works then and then. I couldn’t explain more to them because it’s just like a usual school requirement to me that needs to be done. Maybe, my system — mind and body are already prepared and will always be when it comes to researches and thesis writing.

So now, that I am back to thesis writing, Smiley this time is it’s a more toxic than even in college because this involves medication for people. This is an experimental, an in vivo research, which I am hoping and praying to be a successful one and hoping even more to produce the best product for the human use.

I am already in the thesis writing stage, actually, so hoping that before the end of the month, I can present the paper and make the best out of it then.