Holidays 2013 is coming!

I didn’t notice how time really flies fast. It’s already November 2013 and aside from the coming holidays, I need to make the month of November 2013 as memorable as I could because this is my birth month. But of course, I really have to think also for the preparation of the coming holidays.

Anyway, some of the things I need to work on at home for the holidays are the decorations, the audio and video set up and the food.

Holidays 2013

For the decorations, I have some ideas already but since M is not yet here in our place, I still need to wait for him to come home to make all the decorations and install them. For the audio and visual set up, since we have a flat-screened TV already, I am thinking of looking for affordable krk speakers and other audio components. I know M would surely love this idea because even him, he wanted us to have an audio set up at home. For the food, we might just prepare and think of those as soon as the Christmas and New Year celebrations are getting near.

Happy holidays in advance guys!