Christmas Gift Ideas to a Musician Friend

I don’t honestly know what to give to this music enthusiast friend of mine since I’d been giving her not just music-related gifts but other special stuff I thought would be useful and memorable for her. But on this Christmas 2013, I want to give her something that she could use, not even everyday, but every time she play with her band — she plays her guitar. I am actually thinking of an acoustic guitar pickup. What do you think?

Talking of best and of high quality music instruments, I have no knowledge where to have them all. For myself to get acquainted of those stuff, I need to research on those and of course, I need not to question to my friend for she might get some idea then. So I quietly did some consult online and finally found online shopping store where I can save more. I actually read forums of musicians where they used to buy instruments online. One of them mentioned he just save on pro mag at musicians friend while others also mentioned other shopping stores. But of course, I still prefer a shopping store that is just local, or should I say from the Philippines only.  And I guess, I still need more time to lurk for this.

But at least, for this very moment, I have already some good Christmas gift ideas for a musician friend of mine.