Green Christmas 2013 Celebration

If you happen to read or even just had a glimpse of my previous post, you surely would see that the family celebrated Christmas 2013 so greeny. What I mean is that we had a green-themed Christmas 2013. But if you haven’t seen that post, I will just share here one of the images of the family last Christmas 2013 at home.

Green Christmas 2013

Isn’t it obvious from the image above that green seemed to be the color of the Christmas eve 2013 for the family? Well, it really is!

You surely might be wondering why we chose green, right? It is because that was the only color I first thought during the chat I had with my sisters. And since they didn’t argue with me more nor disagreed with my idea, the color green for Christmas 2013 was then finally set. So each family member was then preparing not just for the Christmas eve program we had but also for their green-colored outfits as well.