Happy Birthday Lola Bading!

Today is my grandmother’s 85th birthday and at the same time, my son, Zach, 3rd month of life celebration.

Happy Birthday Lola Bading!

Time flies really fast. Isn’t it? Smiley I just didn’t notice that my baby is getting older each day. And now, we are already celebrating for his 3rd month.

Anyway, what we did and how we prepared for the celebration was we baked cupcakes — those were chocolate cupcakes. We also cooked pancit or noodle which is believed to be a celebration for a longer life and also Leche flan.

The celebration was just so simple. We didn’t invited much visitors — so the celebration became a private one — only to family members. Although it was just a simple one, at least, I am pretty sure that everybody enjoyed the celebration.

For the two celebrants, I am just wishing a healthier years to come and a longer life to live in. Happy birthday!