Little Drummer Boy — Acoustic Guitar Version

Christmas 2013 is just a few nights to go and I am truly excited as this will be my first Christmas having my own family. This, I guess, is just the only thing which is different from the past Christmas celebrations I had. But of course, I want this holidays to be as memorable as I could and with that reason, I want to play acoustic guitar of the song Little Drummer Boy. Smiley

What do you think? Would that be effective to be unique on this Christmas celebration?

I know I am such trying hard in learning to play the said acoustic guitar but I think I also need an acoustic guitar myself like a good fender road worn hss. But guys, just bear with me, I really do not know how to play it and I am just looking for guitar lessons of Christmas songs from YouTube. And good enough I found one. Here below:

How I wish I can master the said song before Christmas eve so I can perform it then very well. Wish me luck guys!