YELLOW New Year 2014

After a GREEN Christmas 2013 celebration of the family, we decided to welcome the year 2014 with a YELLOW-themed party at home.

New Year 2014

As shown from the image above, almost everything at home were with YELLOW thingy. Not actually just our outfits, but also some of our foods being prepared. And all of these were totally well planned.

New Year 2014

Opps! You might be wondering why my brother’s family wasn’t in the images above. This is because they spent the new year at my sister-in-law’s family. Though we missed having them on the new year’s eve, we still had celebrated the new year great as well as them.

New Year 2014

I might be just too early to plan to what would be the next cool theme for the family on new year 2015, but I am just so excited to see how everyone of us showed cooperation and excitement during the said celebration.

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