Simple Birthday Celebration

Today is my nth birthday. Opps! Don’t dare to ask me how “young” am I. 😉 Anyway, this is also my first birthday without a father. And it is still hard to accept the reality that he has left already. But this is my second birthday celebration as a mother, as certified and official Mommy Gagay — which made me more blessed and thankful for all the things I’ve received and more to have.

First of all that I am thankful for is the good health God has been giving me since day 1 of my duty days and of course to my son and to my family, relatives and friends. Another thing to be thankful for is the support and love not only of my family but from all of the people surrounding me — including all those hatred they are sending me which made me stronger and braver to face all the challenges they’d been throwing up to me.

Moreover, I will just be celebrating my big day with a very simple one — a lunch with my friends since I am from duty today. So I might just treat them for lunch outside. Just it. Happy birthday to me!