FEB-Ibig 2015

It is always the best thing to celebrate special occasions with loved ones especially with your own family. Although my hubby is not around and I am just with me my only son for now, it is not a reason not to celebrate Valentine’s day anymore. It is in fact a very reason to make this day a such memorable one because this is my second year celebrating this hearts’ day being a wife and a mother as one.

Gagay Dinampo Happy Valentine's Day

However, I still can’t prepare myself a bountiful table for my own family the same as the past years because of my duties in the hospital. I just opted to buy them something to grab for tonight’s celebration. But well, at least, I still able to prepare for our table.

The only thing I am very much thankful for now is the love I always give and forever will have to my son and my family and the love they also give to me which are all priceless.