How to Apply NBI Clearance Online?

It seems like every single transactions we’re having in this generation is almost always just a click away. Even in our government, from the filing of birth certificate to others, payment and all, are almost instant. And now, the National Bureau of Investigation or NBI clearance is now also made available online.

NBI Clearance Online

So everybody’s asking how to apply NBI clearance online?

Here’s the simple procedure:

  1. Fill out the online form, filling out all the necessary fields.
  2. Print out the form, taking note of the Application Code.
  3. Bring the form to any NBI clearance center for image capture and fingerprint biometrics.
  4. For “no hit” applicants: Proceed to Releasing section, for the printing and issuance of NBI clearance certificate.
  5. For applicants “with hit”: You will be advised to come back on the release date written at the back of your official receipt (O.R.). When advised to proceed to Quality Control Section for interview, your clearance will be issued upon evaluation and cleared by the Quality Control interviewer.

Simple, isn’t it? So guys, make the most out of this opportunity we have, so grab this easy and simple way to apply for NBI clearance online.