Cajun Accordion For Sale

I have a thrifty shop online where I can sell my personal pre-loved items and that of my little man’s. But to my shock, one client sent me private message via asking if there is a cajun accordion for sale in my online shop.

Cajun Accordion For Sale

Before I replied back to my client, I made sure I got the best words to tell to her. I dig up from my for sale items how she got to inquire about accordion. And voila, one of my son’s toys, an original wooden flute was posted and so I thought, maybe, because of that flute the client just thought I am also selling or could have at least an available accordion but not posted yet.

But I just want to make things clear that I do not have a cajun accordion for sale in my thrifty shop. Most but not all of my items are clothes and toys and other accessories.

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