Table Setting at Home

I just recently shared in my food blog that I am going to start steaming, instead of baking, my favorite foods. Should I say, I’ll start preparing my homemade goodies for my family by steaming because, obviously, I got no oven yet at home. And what I can afford by now is just simply a 3-layer steamer yet. I have also shared in that food blog of mine what I am gonna share this week as my first kick in my steaming journey.

Aside from the steaming stuff I am preparing now, I am also thinking of beautifying my kitchen which I thought to start in our 6-sitter rectangular wooden dining table. But staring at it, I just told myself how I wish to own a premier table linens wherein the designs really invites me to get one. But as what I’ve mentioned earlier that I got a tighter budget now, maybe that table linen can still wait for the right time to be set in our table at home. I might just settle for the cheaper and yet with elegance still, instead.