Being an English as Second Language or ESL Teacher Online

I can’t remember exactly when I started teaching English as Second Language or ESL both online and in classroom setting. But it’s roughly around 8 years now. It was an intermittent one. I just go teach when I have enough time but sometimes, even though I have ample time for that, I became stubborn enough and get lazy to go online.

ESL Online Teaching Jobs

Anyway, I chose to work as an ESL teacher online because teaching is what I like to do next to being a medical doctor. It has been my passion, my dream to become a teacher. But as what I always say, my mom did not allow me to become one and persuaded me to rather take up medical degree. But I don’t have any hard feelings on that since I am enjoying what I am now and I am also thankful for that weighted words of wisdom my mom and dad used to speak with me before. And because I really wanted to do teaching, I guess my mom can’t stop me now from doing it, so I opted to have it then while pursuing also my medical degree.

Aside from above, doing this ESL teaching online seemed well-fitted to me because I found this flexible with regards to my schedule. I can open teaching slots anytime I wanted to. But of course, before I plot my lessons, I make sure that in those schedules I will be free and I got nothing to do other than attending to my lessons.

This ESL teaching online can just be done at home which I found very convenient since I do not need to dive into the heavy traffic from my place going to any workplace just to go to work. I can have more time for myself, for my family. You only need to have a reliable wired internet connection, a computer, web camera and a working headset.

Lastly, but I think not the least, I am well-compensated to this stable part-time job. Well-compensated, as I’ve mentioned, because I found their compensation is more than enough for a part-time employee. Stable job, this may seemed for me, because for as long as I plot lesson schedules, I can teach and I am compensated with it.

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For the very last one, I am actually enjoying my being an English as Second Language or ESL online teacher now. If you guys wanted to know where am I connected right now and you wanted to apply, you may leave a message here or contact me directly thru the contact form of this blog or you may also reach me via the Facebook page of this blog. I would love to attend with you and help you through applying in this company.

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