Looking for Part-time Home-based Job

We, bloggers, know that blogging itself is not sustainable nowadays compared to what we experienced before. Believe it or not, I was able to treat my mom for travels and even my family sometimes, shop her some goodies, and for myself, I was able to buy my techie stuff specifically my Canon EOS 60d DSLR camera. Yes, I had those fruits from blogging labors. But these days, oh well, it is worst as I only earn enough for monthly bills. Nothing extra pennies left in my PayPal account. This decline of the blogging world, I assume, actually started when Google became worst on their blog ranking – putting penalties to blogs linked to these and that. As a result, most blogs only got very low ranks, some are terribly penalized to the extent that advertisers are getting keen on purchasing ads because they also are experiencing the same threats on their websites when crawled and known to link from blogs.

So for now, aside from my career, and since I got to use to have a part-time job, I need to look for a part-time home-based job.

Part-time Home-based Job

And it’s honestly killing me to death when during interview since my qualifications are far beyond what they’re looking for but I know myself I can do. Only that I do not have physical proof to show them that once before I used to work as such.

So for several months now, being away from my chosen career since I opt to take a 6-month break, I am doing nothing but playing and giggling with my little man. I am more satisfied for this big break I opted to have, but sometimes when things became boring like when my little man is asleep and I got nothing to do but just stare at his face for more than three hours of sleep during the day, I could think of why not utilizing those every minute working at home. When time’s became more challenging as there’s a call financially, there’s nothing more I can do but stare in my blogs and just imagine one day those blogs will give me at least 4-digit shining $$$$. How I just wish then.

Moreover, if you guys have some home-based jobs to offer or to suggest, I am much willing to speak with you then. Please let me know so I can review those tasks.