Didong’s 9th Birthday is Coming!!!

Days to count with one hand is enough to anticipate Didong’s 9th birthday.

9th Birthday

Yes, you heard that right! Our little cute nephew, my elder sister’s son, will be turning 9 this December 01, 2015 and we, in our family, are all excited for this day. We all are excited enough as we are seeing our man growing real fast. Each and every day that he is showing his manly attitude, skills and talents, and as what the Lord has given to him, it’s not just I but the whole family is being blessed and thankful for this. And so on his 9th birthday, we still can see how grateful and blessed we are for having us Didong in our lives.

Here’s one simple way I can give something for his 9th birthday, I am going to bake Didong’s cake. I just so hope that he will love the cake that I will be baking for him, considering that we are now here in the province and we only have limited source of ingredients.