It’s my birthday month!

It’s the 11th month of the year and I am feeling ecstatic to live each day of this month as it is my birthday month. Smiley I do not want to have do a countdown before my big day, but rather to think and live just like a birthday celebration everyday until my birthday. Isn’t that exciting to think of? However, it would be much more exciting if you will send over a cake whenever you like! 😀

it's my birthday month

As of the writing of this blog, I have no idea on how to celebrate my birthday. Of course, offering a thanksgiving mass should not be missed. What I meant of celebration is if ever I need to throw a party or what. Or maybe, I will just prepare some food for dinner and will probably just invite some friends. But that is not sure yet. I really do not know by now. But one thing’s for sure, everything will depend on my pocket. :p

Moreover, guys, if you’re too serious or will be serious to celebrate with me on my birthday, do not hesitate to send me cake whenever you like this month. Thank you so much in advance!