November 13, 2015 is ‘Friday the 13th’

Try to check your calendars and I’m pretty sure you will see that today, November 13, 2015 is ‘Friday the 13th’. Isn’t it?

November 13, 2015 is ‘Friday the 13th’

But why does many considers Friday the 13th as a day that everybody needs to be careful of?

I personally do not understand this one also. But what I have read online from the internet articles is that this superstition started in a documented biography of Gioachino Rossini which stated that he regarded Friday as an unlucky day and the number thirteen is the unlucky number also. It is there also it was stated that he died on the Friday the 13th of November.

Other than which I stated above, I haven’t ready anything more. And I am not sure if the one above are true or otherwise.

But whether the above stuff are true or not, what is more important is how we make ourselves believe on this superstition. For me, I still and always believe in the guidance of our Lord and I do believe also that whatever happens to me, not just on the ‘Friday the 13th’, but everyday are what the Lord God has guided me. And so, I do believe that everything, with His will, happens for a reason and that, we just have to always offer ourselves to Him — always pray and have faith with Him.