Beauty + Health Benefits from A Sun City Tan

Do you love having a year-round, bronze body? One mark of beauty is having a healthy, golden glow. To maintain your sun-kissed look you can tan in tanning beds or by getting spray tans. You can also benefit from tanning beds in ways you may not have thought about. The press rarely, if ever, highlights the positives of tanning. At Sun City Tan, we would like to show that tanning has inward and outward beauty benefits.

Tanning for that Glow

Each day, it is fast and easy to maintain a beautiful tan. Tanning experts at Sun City Tan can introduce you to the most technologically advanced traditional tanning beds or inform you about spray tanning. It only takes a few, relaxing minutes a couple days a week to look like you live near the beach. For some, the only time they have to themselves is the time they take to tan. It’s like taking a warm power nap while listening to your favorite music. The greatest benefit is that you come out looking and feeling refreshed!


Skin Care Products

Part of optimal tanning is using the correct skin care products both during and after tanning. Sun City Tan’s expert consultants are well-educated when it comes to skin care products, and Sun City Tan carries all the latest products including a men’s line. Let their skilled staff take the time to educate you about traditional tanning lotions to use while tanning, special facial lotions to use during tanning, and after treatment lotions used to lock in your tan.

Body Benefits of Tanning

The National Center for Biotechnology Information asserts that bed tanning helps your body produce Vitamin D as well as maintain a higher bone mineral density. Vitamin D is essential for fighting off a plethora of diseases including depression, breast cancer, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, diabetes, and many more. Sun Tan City feels that bed tanning is a time- efficient way to get the right amount of UV ray exposure without overexposure to the sun. If you tan indoors as opposed to outdoors, you can limit your exposure time because tanning is regulated and timed.

According to Healthy Guidance For Better Health, if you have had cosmetic surgery, tanning can help to blend scars with the rest of the body’s coloration. They also attest that if you have tried everything for acne except tanning, try bed tanning. Tanning dries the oils on the body that are the main contributor to acne.

Overall, tanning should be a relaxing, comfortable experience that provides beauty and health benefits. If you have more questions, the staff at Sun City Tan can answer your questions. Invest in yourself and shine year-round.