To get fit real soon!

I could still remember those days before I knew I was pregnant for my little Zach, I was into getting fit like a 10 to 30-minute treadmill twice a day, 30-minute zumba session every day and two to three times a week jog and run in the oval near the apartment where I stayed. But when I confirmed that I was pregnant, I need to change my lifestyle as it put me and my baby in danger.

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And the worse thing, I guess it is the worse, was I can’t do even one of those mentioned above again after I gave birth and until now. Of course, I do not need to blame my little man but myself alone. I know there are mothers out there who can make themselves fit after pregnancy. What I can think the problem is that I could not steal a time or two because I am still breastfeeding now. I actually tried zumba, but every time my Zach sees me starting to dance, he’s getting anxious and asking then to breastfeed.

Oh well, sooner or later, I know I can manage this one and will start to get fit. I wish to bring those packed firm and lean abdominal muscles before. This is because it is undeniable that after pregnancy I got some stretched marks and stretched abdominal skin. And I want these to wave goodbye to me. I might as well try simultaneously with my exercises some supplements which I found online, and you also can visit here and have time to share your ideas about this which you can leave as comment below.

Hopefully I will be successful in this getting fit journey of mine while still breastfeeding my little one.