Happy 59th Birthday Ma!

My Mom is just so awesome that even though she is 59, she still looks younger than her age. She’s gracefully celebrating God’s gift of life for her, for us and to everyone around her and so thankful for all the blessings, good health, including finances and everything that we cannot mention and measure. And of course, for the love that we, her children, grandchildren and in-laws are showering to her.

Happy 59th Birthday Ma!

Ma, on this big day of yours, even though I, Tonton and Mark, cannot physically attend and celebrate with you at home, you know that in our hearts, you are always loved much more than just simply celebrating your day today. We supposed to fly there, but sadly we cannot because of some inevitable circumstance. And the cake that I baked for you, maybe we will just slowly eat this and wait for you by Wednesday to come and let’s together share this God’s blessings for us.

Happy happy birthday, once again Ma! We love you always!!!

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