How to get fit?

I have just mentioned in my previous post that I have to get fit real soon. But my problem is actually not on anything else but myself because sometimes I do feel lazy enough to start my daily routine of sweating. Even it’s just 10 minutes to take to sweat out, I am getting already losing energy even just thinking of it. But of course, this does not hinder me to get fit.

To follow a daily exercise routine to get fit is actually just 10 – 20% of it. Sweating, losing those excess fat, making the muscles lean, are just some of those results. But the 80 – 90% comes from the food we eat.

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Even in maintaining a healthy body, does not require a continuous daily regimen of sweating. Although it is better to have it at least some time in a week, eating the right food still remains the building blocks in achieving and maintaining the well-balanced healthy circulation of the blood, and other normal functions of the body.

A good example for this are two of our family friends who both are of same age, male, but having different lifestyles. The first one had been doing outdoor stuff like running, jogging just to sweat out but once or twice a week, he drinks alcoholic beverages, fatty and sweet foods day after another. While the other man, rarely run nor jog but very conscious on what he eats.

Do you guys can guess who between the two just recently experience the symptoms of heart disease?

I am sure you can guess now and can even conclude how to get fit.

It’s the former, actually.