Some Beefy Treats on a Leap Day of Leap Year 2016

It’s one of many days of the year when every shopping malls in the country offers a huge promos and discounted offers on several items. Indeed a perfect time to go shopping. However, because I am with my little man, I just opted to just stay at home, and sported for some beef homemade recipes over the internet to try on.

Some Beefy Treats on a Leap Day of Leap Year 2016

There are actually a lot of beef homemade recipes I found. They all range from the simplest one, where you will just add two or three ingredients and you will sure to have a mouth-watering beef treat in your platter, to the more complicated recipes where you need to pre-process some ingredients before moving to the main cooking procedures.

Just right after I collected a number of recipes to try in my kitchen, I realized I do not have a pressure cooker. So, how else can I make these beefy meat softened as fast as I could knowing the fact that I am preparing this for the leap day of the leap year 2016?

Can you guess how our day ended?

I and my little man ended our day dining out. I looked for a restaurant that serves the best beefy goodies in town. I even checked online from some blogger friends’ posts. Although I failed at first because I did  not found those images really enticing, but still I tried checking the restaurant, and voila, we were able to try the really delicious beefy goodness that had been dancing in my mind ever since I thought of preparing one in my kitchen.

To sum my leap day of the leap year 2016 up, it was a bit exciting as to searching for some beefy treats  recipes that I first thought to prepare but ended up dining out with my little one. At least we both had a good day bonding together inside the mall though we did not shop.