Event Internet

A major concern for planners will be finding an event business internet provider. At this point, every industry and business depends to a large extent on the internet. The kind of connection you have arranged will be a major factor in how participants experience your event. A reliable and robust connection is essential.

Trade Show Internet

Trade Show Internet provides internet services across the country. They have both event-wide solutions and the 4G kit for individual participants. They also provide bandwidth services, from small, cellular networks to fiber-optic technology. Having appropriate bandwidth technology is essential to making your internet solution work properly.

Trade Show Internet’s CONNECT service for event planners includes the premier Xirrus internet system. This unique system has a 360 degree design, to provide a strong WiFi signal indoors and out. The CONNECT service also includes the on-site Network Operation Center, for real-time monitoring and to provide an on-site headquarters for help services.