Summer Vacation 2016: Where to go in Indonesia?

I’d been longing to explore Indonesia. Though I know I can’t explore everything in one vacation, but at least I could try then. Some of the places I wanted to visit in Indonesia are the Bandung Rice Terraces, Volcanic Lake Kawah Putih in Mt. Patuha and a lot more. These will just be found and visited around Bandung, Java, Indonesia.

Bandung Java Indonesia Rice TerracesRice Terraces in Bandung, Java, Indonesia (Image from

I can’t say I am an environmentalist but I prefer more to spend a vacation to places like these than just those that are in the malls and big buildings. I am always fascinated with the nature’s great scenery and breathtaking places to stay and meditate at.

This time around, to travel in Indonesia, outside of the country – Philippines, those mentioned above are the best places, for me, to try out. But of course, once I get there, I am sure that there are a lot more to check out.

But before diving myself to those green places to visit, I should have checked the best hotels to stay considering the price and the quality of staycation – that includes¬†sheraton bandung hotel rooms prices that are cheap and affordable. This said hotel is one of the 5-star hotels in the area with a contemporary design. They have swimming pool around the vicinity so when vacationing with a child, there’s no hassle to spend the little ones to swimming for an hour or so.

One thing that I am worried for now with this planned Indonesia summer vacation and that is the passport of my little one as he has no passport yet. Hopefully we can claim it before April ends and plan the vacation then.