P&G Everyday Me: Downy Baby Gentle SAMPLES

Yay! Something just got arrived in our doorstep! Look here below!

P&G Everyday Me: Downy Baby Gentle SAMPLES

It’s the Everydayme P & G Downy Baby Gentle samples! Smiley

I honestly did not expect these samples to arrive early as I assumed. So I just can’t stop myself from opening the envelope right away after the postman handed this to me.

Anyway, I am not used in using any fabric conditioners such as downy in our clothes since my little man had allergies to it. I found this out when I tried putting one on his clothes when he was still infant and he suffered itchiness all over his skin covered with the newly washed clothes applied with fabric conditioner. However, now that he is already turning 3, I am assuming that his immune system now is mature enough in fighting for these allergens. What I mean is, with these sample products, I might try to use these to find out if my little man is still allergic to fabric conditioners or not.

I will sure to share the results in both to the clothes and in to my baby’s skin after using this fabric conditioner, downy.