iPad Sound is NOT WORKING!

My little man used to play online educational videos as wells as apps in my undeniably vintage iPad 2. You’d probably guess what I mean of “vintage iPad 2”. Yes, you’re right! This iPad is included in the first batches of iPad sold here in the country years ago. If you may try to browse this blog of mine, you’ll sure to know and read my previous posts, that was years ago, about when I bought this iPad and how I first used it.

Moreover, as what I’ve mentioned, my iPad has been a great tool for my son’s development. He learned a lot of things from merely using the iPad. However, just very recently, the iPad sound is not working anymore. iPad sound not workingOur house helper once mentioned that my son accidentally fell the iPad after it slip from his hands. So I just decided now to buy it an external sound system instead. But I am not sure if an apogee one for iPad & Mac Audio Interface will still work on this. One friend of mine suggested to personally and physically bring the unit in an iOs store instead so I can check and try if such stuff will work fine on my iPad then. Well, maybe that would be the best thing I could do now. I will just bring the iPad to iOs store then.