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Writing is one skill I’ve learned since 8 years old. I was trained in our school peg. I was even sent to conferences, training, events and competitions bringing the name of the school until high school. I used to write news articles then. That was the first section I was assigned at. Then I became the associate editor of the school paper during my elementary years. During high school, copywriting, proofreading as well as being the English associate editor were all my tasks. When I went to college, I did apply as news writer. I was accepted and even recommended to be part of one of Davao City’s broadcasting company. But my parents, especially my mom, did not allow me for reasons I hardly understood before. So I did not insist. I instead focused on my studies and do blogging and work online as freelance writer, editor and proofreader for thesis, manuscripts and other articles. True enough, with writing, I earn more than I expected.

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Now that I already have a good grasp and background with medicine, as my professional career, I also accept medical-related writing, editing and proofreading jobs. In fact, I’d been into this online job, specifically medical proofreading job – as a freelance proofreader, for a year now. So far, this one, honestly, made me earn more than the usual writing since editing medical books and articles really require medical field knowledge and studying medicine is not just a sleep-away. It takes a decade of life to gamble for this profession and it is not a joke, it is not easy. So I guess, a medical proofreader job is just well-compensated, as far as I experienced it.

So guys, if you need articles, manuscripts, thesis, scientific research papers, medical books, ebooks and a lot more to get proofread, never hesitate to contact me. We can discuss terms so I can immediately start proofreading you articles.