36-hour Blog OFFLINE from the world wide web

Due to my professional and personal lives, I cannot go online as always I could than before to check and update my blogs. Good enough I have an online website monitoring application which I used to rely on when it comes to checking my blogs whether these all are still reachable or not in the world wide web.

Just very recently, I received an email stating that my blog, this personal and lifestyle blog of mine, GagayMD.com is unreachable and offline. I didn’t mind the email the moment I received it since I got used to some server errors which usually just turned back ok after an hour or two. However, I got worried already when 24 hours passed but I still can’t see my blog online.


I did not hesitate then to contact my server manager, a very friendly and patient Ate Ma Belle, who did not get tired  of extending her help, understanding and more patience to us, her clients. After maybe more than 2 hours of finding herself how and why my blog went offline, she made it real great and my online website monitoring app just then notified me that my blog is online already.

Thank you so much Ate Ma Belle for the assistance and all those no words can explain how grateful I am meeting you and I never regret trusting all my blogs in your hands.