Music Store

Music is the song of the soul. It’s even more meaningful and soulful to listen when played beautifully by a professional and trained musical instrumentalist¬†with a heart.

I have one close friend who used to have a music school. Her husband used to be a band instrumentalist and just not too long ago they decided to put up their own music studio or school to cater kids and adults who would love to learn any instruments they are offering. The studio is a bit far from my place so I can’t send my little man out there. But when the couple decided to add more instruments for their studio, I did not hesitate to accompany them.

It wasn’t my first time to hop for musical instruments but I was just surprised how they really dedicate their lives teaching and sharing their talents on music, as we chat. They even have students who suffer from ADHD and that music is one of their therapy and perhaps the reason why those kids were enrolled in their studio.

Talking more about instruments, the couple is really fascinated with music that upon entering the store, they really knew where and what to pick up from hundreds of instruments being displayed in front of us.

Music Store

Indeed the day was great as we had to talk and share thoughts as we used to do before. The couple has bought 2 different types of musical instruments. Tiring but the experience was great. I even threw them a joke telling them the next time they need a new instruments they better look for one online, order and shop there like that of the musicians friend. But the couple asked me where can they fine musicians friend locations as they really wanted to try and test the physical instrument before grabbing one.

*Image above is not mine.