Shopping for Karaoke

Songs to SingSince I’ve decided to work at home – online, for me to have more time with my precious boy, I have no other stress-relieving stuff to do at home but to sing. I do not have musical instruments my own here, but rather utilizing online youtube videoke instead.

Sometimes, I get bored with all these youtube videos, I got to think of acquiring a home theater and a karaoke set. I prefer to have the cheaper one because I do not have enough budget. Sure thing, it won’t sound like those instruments from wood wind and brass wind but at least I can stress-relieve myself.

Since I do not have much time and the courage to go to the malls, I am thinking of shopping a karaoke online. But still, I am not certain with this idea since a lot of my friends advised me to try those karaoke units before paying. So better yet shopping for one at the mall instead.